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  • Now you can experiment with ‪#‎Office365‬ APIs before adding them in your project with the newly released API Sandbox tool. This is an interactive tool that provides a UI to write and run code against Office 365 tenant. Check out API Sandbox
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Office 365 Development for Beginners

TO all SharePoint Developers!!!! Jump into Developing Apps for Office 365 now.

Office 365 is getting popular and Microsoft is holding no info behind that would not help development SharePoint & .Net developers to start developing Apps for Office 365 or Cloud. The material i found is quite interesting and detailed but to give the beginners a clear idea, i am drafting the steps that you need to get started with below :

Get the Office 365 Developer Site

Set up your Office 365 development environment – To use the Office 365 APIs, you need to have an Office 365 Developer Site. With a Developer Site, all the connection information is already configured for you, so you can get started quickly.

Setup an Azure AD tenant for Office 365 Developer Site

Setup an Azure AD tenant associated with your Office 365 Developer Site – To register and authenticate your applications, you need to use Microsoft Azure Active Directory. This is where application and user account information is stored. Fortunately, when you sign up for an Office 365 subscription, such as your Developer Site, an Microsoft Azure tenant is automatically created and associated with that Office 365 subscription.

Install Visual Studio and Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio

Use Visual Studio to register and build your Office 365 App – Once you have the Developer site up & running, you need to start building your Apps.

You have several options for developing with Office 365 APIs, based on the developer environment you choose. For .Net and hybrid applications Install Visual Studio and the Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio.

Visual Studio and the Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio – The quickest way to get started developing an app with the Office 365 APIs is to use Visual Studio 2013 and the Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio, which enable you to access Office 365 services easily.
The Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2013 include client libraries and UI enhancements to Visual Studio. The client libraries make it easier for you to interact with the Office 365 REST APIs from the device or platform of your choice by using libraries available for .NET Framework and JavaScript. The Visual Studio UI enhancements make it easy to add Office 365 services to your app projects.

At this point, before you start using Office 365 APIs you must first Registering your App.

Add Office 365 service to your project

Register your app – If you are creating a Visual Studio project, app registration is handled for you when you add an Office 365 service to your project. During the process of adding an Office 365 service to your project, Visual Studio enables you to:

Register your app with Azure AD, including specifying whether your app is a web application or native app
Configure app properties, such as app name, redirection/response endpoints, and tenancy scope
Connect to Office 365 services
Specify the permission levels your app requires for the APIs in those Office 365 services
Add the required NuGet packages to the project, based on the Office 365 services to which your app connects.

Use Office 365 APIs starter projects

If you are a beginner and you’re not comfortable adding a new Office 365 Project, you can use one of the Office 365 APIs starter projects and code samples that would let you begin with the basics of using Office 365 APIs.

At this point you should ready to start developing you new App.

Play with the new API Sandbox

Play with the Office 365 APIs in the newly released API Sandbox – This is great platform to experiment with the Office 365 APIs where you get an interactive tool, with code samples where developers can get a quick on programming with Office 365 sites. Some of the API Sandbox benefits for developers –

1) Easy to use Code place and a Run button to test your Code\APIs.
2) Supports JavaScript and C# languages.
3) Provides a Sample tenant data to test the queries.
4) In addition to sample tenant data, developers also has an option to simply sign in to the Sandbox with their own Office 365 to test and program against their real data.
4) This tool also Integrates links to MSDN references.

Try it now @ API Sandbox