Error Opening List in Access “Export to database failed. To export a list, you must have a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation-compatible application.” – SharePoint 2010


One of our Clients were experiencing an issue while Opening one of the SharePoint 2010 Lists in Access. They were essentially Clicking on one of the links "Open in Access" from List's Ribbon that would result in the following error. "Export to database failed. To export a list, you must have a … [Read more...]

Cairo SharePoint Saturday – 28 March 2015


Dear SharePointers, you are all invited to the Cairo SharePoint Saturday, so far speakers have very good content they want to share with you, it's a chance to meet with SharePoint experts and ask them questions. This event is a chance for everyone want to learn SharePoint, is to get inside the … [Read more...]

Users in AD Group not receiving alerts in SharePoint 2010

One of my clients today reported an issue where they had an existing AD Group which was a DL and now converted to a Security group, does not successfully send alerts when setup on a SharePoint 2010 list. We started troubleshooting by checking the following : * Verified that the group is a AD … [Read more...]

SharePoint 2013 Service Accounts

Need help with how may Service Accounts you need for deploying SharePoint 2013? Here is the list I keep handy. Account Purpose sp13_dev_sql sp13_dev_sqlAgent sp13_dev_sqlAnalysis The SQL Server service accounts are used to run SQL Server. It is the service account for the … [Read more...]

How to write a professional SharePoint C.V


Ok first there is millions of posts over the internet if you just search google, so what am I adding? I am here basically and only talking about SharePoint C.Vs Dear SharePoint fellows; It is called SharePoint. As you can the "S" & "P" are capital No Space in the word "SharePoint" Put your … [Read more...]

IE cannot display the web page – happens when creating new web application


A friend today was investigating in this till he solve it, let me name him "Hytham Elabady" Senior Developer @ Allianz J spend quite good time, actually I just didn't pay attention to this issue but he put it on mind till it worked, I thought I have good RAM so oh no never Time out L but …. It was … … [Read more...]

My Office 365 Presentation from Canadian MVP Consumer Camp

Office 365

A big Thank you to people who attended my session at Microsoft's Store in Square One mall Mississauga. I spoke about the benefits of Office 365 and why you should consider buying Office 365 rather than a single copy of Office 2013. Here is the slide deck for my session : Office 365 from … [Read more...]

SharePoint Free Consultation – Day 2 @ 6PM


On Sunday 1 June 2014 @ 6 PM, is the second SharePoint Consultation, this time it will be recorded. To join, send me your email or just write your email on a comment on this post & I will send you an invitation. Save the Date & the link: … [Read more...]

Heads Up – All SP24 Sessions Are Now On-Demand!


Below is the mail coming from SP24 Team; I won't write it in a better way but sharing for whoever didn't participate in such a huge conference & also will send it to my co-workers who started to follow the SharePoint-Community & some already following … Before you read the mail; BIG THANK … [Read more...]

SharePoint Free Consultation


Dear SharePoint Fellows, This is to support you even better & faster, if you are reading this, properly you are one of the 4 or 5 daily calls/Facebook chat/Skype calls that I receive & to make it easier for you & me, I made a tiny weekly plan for both of us J I decided to make a … [Read more...]