Get all users and groups client object model sharepoint 2010

The code below shows you how to query users and groups using .net client object model. To list users with Javascript client Object Model see our Post Related Post : Retrieve all user in SharePoint 2010 site using Javascript client object model.

The client OM includes the GroupCollection,Group,UserCollection,and User objects to make working with users and groups easier.The client OM also has access to built – in groups such as the owners, members, and visitors groups. You can
access these using the AssociatedOwnerGroup,AssociatedMemberGroup,and AssociatedVisitorGroup properties, which return a Group object.

function GetUsersGroups()

ClientContext context = new Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientContext(“http://SPSite”);

GroupCollection groupCollection = context.Web.SiteGroups;
groups = > groups.Include(
group = > group.Users));


foreach (Group group in groupCollection)
UserCollection userCollection = group.Users;

foreach (User user in userCollection)
MessageBox.Show(“User Name: ” + user.Title + ” Email: ” +
user.Email + ” Login: ” + user.LoginName);
//Iterate the owners group
Group ownerGroup = context.Web.AssociatedOwnerGroup;
foreach (User ownerUser in ownerGroup.Users)
MessageBox.Show(“User Name: ” + ownerUser.Title + ” Email: ” +
ownerUser.Email + ” Login: ” + ownerUser.LoginName);
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