Installing Sharepoint foundation 2010 on Windows 7 home edition

Finally! I installed Sharepoint foundation 2010 on my Windows 7 home edition. It took me a while but i did  it!

Here are quick steps and what i encountered

1. Download SharePoint foundation 2010.
Modify the webconfig as described in Step 2 of this Microsoft article.
2. Now change the IIS setting as described in Figure 2 of the above article.
3. Install the ADO.NET Data Services Update for .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
5. Install WCF Hotfix for Microsoft Windows 7.
6. Since you cannot run PrerequisiteInstaller.exe on Windows 7 you will have to install the components manually

7. Now run the setup.exe.
8. Once done run the configuration wizard.
9. After the configuration wizard completes you would most probably get a blank Page for your central admin site. To fix this see my other post Here

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