SharePoint 2010 developer interview questions and answers

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These questions are specific to SharePoint 2010 and about the new features introduced in SharePoint 2010. This is a Four Part series.

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Q. How will you deploy files such as Css, js in SharePoint 2010?
Ans. The most preferable way to deploy files in SharePoint is by using the solution package. In SharePoint 2010 you can create an empty project with VS 2010 and then add a new SharePoint Mapped folder  in it. This will give the desired location in 14 hive where you can then add a file to deploy.

Q. Can you display a page as a modal dialog?
Ans. Yes, any page can be displayed as modal dialog. A Modal dialog takes options as a parameter and we can speciy the url for any page usually saved in _layouts.

Q. Can you display the modal dialog from a webpart?
Ans. Yes a modal dialog can be displayed from within a webpart code since its a JavaScript block that can be registered on the page.

Q. What is difference between an Application page and a Custom aspx page in SharePoint 2010. If you have to deploy a page with some code in it which one would you prefer?
Application Page – You would typically use an applictaion page when you need some content that is merged with SharePoint master page. A master page enables application pages to share the same appearance and behavior as other pages on a site. Application page generally gets deployed in _layouts and inhertirs the look and feel of the site that you are using.
A Custom .net aspx page on the other hand would need content and master page tags in your page to make it inherit the look and feel of the site.
I would prefer deploying an application page with code as it is much easier and has built-in templates available in VS 2010.

Q. What is Docuement Set and how is it useful to the end users?
Ans. A Document Set is a group of related documents that can be created in one step and then managed as a single entity. This can be seen as a folder of documents with a cover letter(welcome page) and which can share common data between its documents (share document set info\columns).
Document Set is very useful when it comes to managing the documents for a single project or task. For e.g. a manager while working on a project wants to create a single folder\entity with all the documents related to that project. He also wants that each document shares the project info (for e.g. Project Id, Manager name etc.) and can be checked in\checked out individually. Document Set will also allow him to add a cover letter\welcome page to the entity(or his set of documents) and use some basic document features like record version history, start a workflow, e-mail document set etc.

Q. What are Projected Fields in SPQuery and when would you use that?
Ans. In SharePoint 2010, Referential integrity can now be implemented using Lookup columns. Joins and ProjectedFields properties of SPQuery were introduced to facilitate this. Projected Fields are the fields which you can access when a list is joined by a lookup solumns. These are additional columns from a parent lookup column list.

Q. What is WebProvisioned event receiver and when would you use that?
WebProvisioned event receiver is fired after the site has been created and is fully provisioned(asynchronous). For e.g. if you want to update the site title of logo after its been created or if you want to add a new list\library after the out-of-box site has been created you can use the WebProvisioned event handler.

Q. If you have to add a new Ribbon button to one of the existing tabs how will you identify the location?
. The Its typically

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