SharePoint 2013 document libraries – Drag Drop, Download, Preview, Print, Share and more..

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Summary : SharePoint 2013 document libraries – Drag Drop, Download, Preview, Print, Share and more..,New Features in SharePoint 2013 document libraries

Document libraries in in SharePoint 2013 are just awesome. A new look, Drag Drop feature, ability to preview,download and even  print is available.

I will discuss all these cool features in this post –

1. Drag and Drop – Microsoft has done an incredible job by adding this feature to its highly popular document libraries. On any document library you can simple Drag and Drop the document and it will be upload with a quick progress bar. Here is how this feature works

Simply select a document from local and drag it towards the document library. The window will change to “Drag here”


Once you’re done dragging you would see the upload progress bar as in the below screen –








Once done acknowledgement is displayed


Next Lets Look at the Preview Feature, Print and download features.

2. Preview Feature – In your document library click on the “…” next to your document. This will open up a preview window with a bunch of options beneath it.


3. Print and Download – Click on the little stack icon in preview pane to go to the options “download a copy”, Print to pdf and to get the file’s embed code.  You can use this embed code to embed documents on any SharePoint page or in News feeds. See an example @ SharePoint 2013 – How to Embed a Word document in your Site Page

Share & Follow Feature –   These are the part of SharePoint’s new Social integration piece.  You can Share this doucment with a numer of groups or everyone in the company or you can just Follow the document for yourself.  When you follow the document you would see it under “Documents” in your News feed (towards right). You can find these options right below the Preview of the document

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