SharePoint 2013 – Add Custom Tiles to SharePoint site Page

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You probably noticed tiles on default home page of your new SharePoint 2013 site.In this post we will learn how to create a Title like structure of your own in your site. This can be very useful to promote some of the important links on your companies Intranet Home page. We will look at step-by-step tutorial on how to set this up.

Just to be clear What I am talking about is this –

We will replace this with our own tile structure (with one tile for now)..something like below –

So lets just start with removing the existing tiles, use “Remove this” just above these tiles. If you want you can leave tiles on this page and create a new page to add your own set of tiles.

So to create a set of title we will use a new list template called “Promoted Links”

Promoted Links – This is a new list template added in SharePoint 2013 to add links that needs to be promoted as Tiles. All you need to do is create a new Promoted Links list and add links that you need to display as tiles. when done add the Promoted Links listview webpart on a page to display your links as Tiles. Lets look at the steps in detail.

1. Navigate to Site Content of your SharePoint 2013 site. On Site content page click on “add an App” or
Click on tile that say;s “Add, list, libraries and other apps..” on your site home page.

2. Select the list template “Promoted Links” and create a new list out of it.

3. Next go to the new list that you created and add a new item in this new list (ours is Import links list). Click on All Promoted Links view to add a new link.

4. Click on new item to add a new link –

Add details about your new tile like below –

We have already added an picture “vacaction_icon” in our Site asserts library. We used it for our tile’s background icon.

5. Once done navigate to the page where you want to add your tiles.

6. Edit the page and click on Insert tab -> Web Part.

7. Next, select promoted links (Import links) list and add it to the page.

8. Save the page once done. This is how it looks like –

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