SharePoint 2013 – Hide NewsFeed, SkyDrive, Sites (DeltaSuiteLinks)

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With the Introduction of new UI in SharePoint 2013, a new Suite bar has been added that displays “NewsFeed, SkyDrive, Sites” links. These links are called “DeltaSuiteLinks or Suite links“.The Url and the Text for the links in the suite bar are per-defined and there is no Out-of-Box way to Change them. You can however Override “SuiteLinksDelegate” to Add, Remove SkyDrive,Sites,NewsFeed in Top Suitebar in SharePoint 2013 of your own.

If you want to Hide or Disable them, you can look at various Options available below.

Option 1 – Remove or Hide the Delegate Control from Master Page. Open your Master page in SharePoint 2013 Designer and look for “SuiteLinksDelegate” delegate control.

In master page you would look for something like below –

<SharePoint:DelegateControl id=”ID_SuiteLinksDelegate” ControlId=”SuiteLinksDelegate” runat=”server” />

Simply Remove or Comment it out to hide the links in the blue bar. See the detailed Steps on how to edit an existing Master Page at Edit an Existing Master Page to Change Logo or Hide Top Suite Links (NewsFeed,SkyDrive etc) in SharePoint 2013

Option 2 – Using JavaScript to to hide the links Control. For this example we are just adding the JavaScript required to a Source Editor on a page. You can add this to your master page or to a delegate control to add it to all the pages in the site. To hide “NewsFeed, SkyDrive, Sites…” links add the below code to Edit source on a page.

Steps –

1. Edit the page and click on Insert tab.

2. click on Embed Code to add the below JavaScript

JavaScript –

<script language=”javascript”>


function HideBrandingsuite()


document.getElementById(‘ctl00_DeltaSuiteLinks’).style.visibility = ‘hidden';



For more CSS tricks see SharePoint 2013 Top links(NewsFeed, SkyDrive, Sites..) – Name, ID and How to Hide them

Option 3 –  Another way to Customize or hide these links is by Creating a Visual Studio Solution for Overriding SuiteLinksDelegate Delegate Control. See a Step-by-Step Tutorial at Add,Remove Links in Top Suite Bar (SKYDRIVE,SITES,NEWSFEED) in SharePoint 2013

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