SharePoint 2013 – The new “Digital Asset Content Types” (Audio, Video, Image and more..)

Summary : SharePoint 2013 – The new “Digital Asset Content Types” (Audio, Video, Image and more..),How to use “Digital Asset Content Types” in SharePoint 2013

In SharePoint 2013 MS has introduced a new set of content types called “Digital Asset Content Types” for better use of Audio, Video, Images as Web content. These content types can be added to any library and be used as a one of the items\files. Although I would recommend to use Site Asserts library to add a Video (see procedure in my post How to add a Video to SharePoint 2013 site) these content types can be used in any of the libraries.

Navigate to Site Settings -> Site Content Types and you would find “Digital Asset Content Types”.

Once added these in a Documents library these content types can be added to display in the “New Documents” button.

In addition to this Option you can Drag and drop the Video,music and other files as well.

If you click on a particular Content type in Site Content types you would ahve an option to Hide or show few default fields like “Show download link” or “embed Code link” etc.
Here is the columns and properties of “Video” content type.

Notice the Option “Document Set settings” this allows you to specify if the Videos can be a part of document set.A great way to use the Video in a Document Set would be to use them as an Introduction Video to the document’s of document set.

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