SharePoint 2013 – Create Shortcut to your SharePoint Library for Saving Files

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Its always easier if you can Copy and paste a bunch of documents in a library directly rather than using the Upload document page.In SharePoint 2013 you have two options to add multiple documents –

1. Using Drag and Drop(This has its own browser and Office limitations).

2. Explorer ViewThe Upload multiple documents has been depreciated.In addition to these how about if you can directly Save your Office documents into the library without even opening the SharePoint site.This can be done by “Connect to Office” Option in the “Connect and Export” group in the ribbon of the Library.

Connect to Office
Connect to Office gives you following Options to make SharePoint Sites Work with Office documents.

  • Add to SharePoint sites
  • Remove from SharePoint sites
  • and Manage SharePoint sites

With Add to SharePoint Sites Command, a shortcut to the library is created in the SharePoint Sites folder of your favorites list(in the explorer) and in the Office Save As and Open dialog boxes.

Using the Add to SharePoint Sites Command on a library lets you do the following tasks easily:

  • Open a SharePoint library document from your Office application and update it.
  • Share or publish a new document directly from your favorite Office application to a SharePoint site library.
  • Insert images, videos, and audio files from a SharePoint Asset Library into Office documents.
  • Find a connected SharePoint library document in your Windows Explorer file system.

Lets Look at a Sept-by-Step process on how to add a Shortcut to a Document library in your Favorites list (in Windows Explorer) which you can use to Save files directly into a SharePoint library.

    1. Open a SharePoint site library from the browser.
    2. Click the Library tab.
    3. Click the Connect to Office Command in the ribbon and select Add to SharePoint Sites.

This will add “SharePoint Sites” folder in your favorites list in windows Explorer which when clicked will show the site name and document library name that you added the shortcut to.You would see something like “Team Site-Shared Documents” when you click on your newly added SharePoint Sites” folder in your Windows Explorer’s favorites list.After you’ve created this shortcut to a SharePoint library you can now Save and Open an Office document from the SharePoint library directly using this shortcut.

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