What are Site Feeds and how to Follow & Unfollow Sites in SharePoint 2013

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As a part of SharePoint 2013’s social Capabilities Uses can Follow and UnFollow sites to track updates for the sites that they follow.Firstly lets look a breif description about the Site Feed\Follow.

What are Site feeds –  Site feeds display Posts and Replies (or Conversations) to users who have access to the Team Site they are following.These Posts and Replies displays in the Newsfeed of a user.Here are some of the Important things about Site feeds –

  • Site feeds do not display system-generated activities.
  • Site feeds or Follow Site Option is only available if the “Following Content feature” and “Site Feeds feature” is activated on the Team site(in the written Order). By default, the Site feed feature on a team site is enabled.
  • Site feed activities are Security trimmed.This means that no site feed activities will appear in the search results of a user who doesn’t have access to the team site.
  • If the activity is a Site feed activity, the activity is saved in the team sites Content database.

How to Follow a Site – User’s Can simply click on “FOLLOW” button in the Suite bar (top link bar).



When a User FOLLOW a site it gets added to the “Sites” can see the sites that follow


How to UnFollow a Site – To UnFollow a Site a user need to Navigate to his\her MySite and then Navigate to the sites that they Follow. To go to the sites they Follow page they can either select “Sites Number” under “I’m following” in NewsFeed or Users can click on “Sites” tab Next to NewsFeed tab in top link bar and they will see the sites they follow

In the sites they follow page users will see the Option to “Stop Following” the sites.

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