How to use IFrames in SharePoint 2013

Summary : How to use IFrames in SharePoint 2013,Add IFrames in SharePoint 2013 site,How to add Approved domains in “HTML Field Security” in Site Settings of SharePoint 2013.

Support for IFrames has been added in SharePoint 2013 as a part of Web Content Management(WCM) Enhancements as specified in the post SharePoint 2013 Web Content Management Enhancements.With IFrames Admins can now Embed dynamic content from other sites, such as videos or map directions on any SharePoint site into an HTML field like the one of Content editor webpat or in a blog post Body field.To add a Youtube Video add the “” Domain in “HTML Field Security” first.
Any external domains that will be Inserted in an Iframe should be added as Approved domains in “HTML Field Security” first.”HTML Field Security” is a new feature that you would find in Site Settings (of a Site collection) under “Site Collection Administration” section.

By default, Certain trusted external domains are already Approved for use in iframes.Site collection administrators can customize the field security settings by changing the default trusted external domains.

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Lets look at the Steps-

1. Navigate to Site Settings (top-level Site collection) -> HTML Field Security.

2. Make sure the domain that you need to use in Iframe is added as permitted domain.In our case we will add a Youtube Video in an Iframe So we need to make sure that “” is added in the list.

3. Navigate to your Youtube video and click on Share and then Embed.

Copy the highlighted text.

4. Add a Content editor webpart on a page and then click on “Edit Source” in “Format Text” tab in Ribbon.

Add the following in the Source.
<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

and click ok.

Result –

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