How to Move Documents from One Library to Another in SharePoint 2013

Summary : How to Move Documents from One Library to Another in SharePoint 2013,Drag and Drop Documents from One Library to Another in SharePoint 2013,Move multiple documents from One Library to other in SharePoint 2013

In this blog we will discuss one of the new methods with which users can Move Multiple Documents from One Library to Another.

1. Drag and Drop - Drag and Drop feature is one of the major attractions of SharePoint 2013 and it is mostly used in adding one or multiple documents in a document library.In addition to adding documents in a library this Drag and Drop feature can also be used to move one or more documents from one library to another.You need to simply drag and drop the selected files onto a different Library in the Quick launch bar and it moves the documents.For example we have two libraries Documents and Archive and we need to Drag and Drop multiple documents from Documents into the Archive Library.So here are my Source and Destination Libraries.

In the Screen below we selected two documents from the “Documents” library and dragged them onto “Archive” destination Library that existed in the quick launch or left Navigation bar.

Once you leave the documents onto the library they are added or “Moved” to the Library “Archive”.

Some Important things to Consider.

1. This is a MOVE operation (not a Copy).
2. Destination Library should exist in Quick Launch.
3. You cannot move documents in Libraries from another sites collections added to quick launch.
3. Version History is preserved if the destination library also has Versioning enabled.

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  1. Thx, got the point. Much more easy, compared to 2010. You can also use 3rd party tools to replicate (sync) documents between two libraries, e.g. intranet -> extranet based on views. Or bi-directional, if required.

  2. I am looking to get some adenacvd training on SharePoint 2007 features and development, where is the best place to look for that stuff?BTW Site’s awesome, thanks for keeping the blog up, it’s really valuable.


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