SharePoint 2013 Goes Real-Time

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SharePoint 2013 has Introduced a lot of new features that Support Interactive and Real-time Collaboration.Collaboration with Real-Time Content will be one of the good reasons to upgrade to this new version of SharePoint.

In this post we will summarize some of the new Real-Time Components of SharePoint 2013.

1. Microblogging and Other Social Capabilities

– Microblogging  is a User Feed(like in MySites) with Microblogging functionality that enables users to Participate in Conversations,Post Comments and replies,Post pictures and links,Use tags (starting with the # symbol) to define keywords that users can follow and search for,Use Mentions (starting with the @ symbol) to tag users in posts and replies,Indicate agreement with comments and replies by clicking Like,Follow people, documents, sites, and tags to customize their feed and more.

In addition to the Microblogging Feed Other Social Capabilities  that supports Real-time Include Community Site, MY Sites,Newsfeed,Follow people,Follow Sites..

2. My Sites

– My sites in SharePoint 2013 has a NewsFeed which is somewhat like a Facebook page of your own.Followimg Componets are the Real-Time in MySites.

NewsFeed is a Feed that displays updates from you and people you follow. In addition to Follow in My Sites NewsFeed you can

  • Delete – Delete the entire conversation (depends on permissions you have)
  • Follow up – Follow the conversation. This will add a Task to your “Tasks” list in left Nav.
  • Copy link to conversation – As name suggests Copy link to conversation.
  • Lock Conversation -This locks up the conversation. Of course you can unlock it again.

"My Sites Feed SharePoint 2013"

Status Update Shared with specific people – At the Top of your NewsFeed you can see a “conversation box” just like Facebook to post an update and select the group or people to share it with.

3. Office Web Apps –

Even though  Office web apps is now a separate server Install but it still posses some great Real-Time Collaboration features for Users of SharePoint. Some Real-Time Features that you get with Office Web App and SharePoint Collaboration –

HoverOver Panel and Preview Feature –  Hover panel is a high-fidelity Web Application Viewer or Preview that is available for all Office documents saved to SharePoint. These Interactive previews are big enough to give you a idea of the structure, contents, and styling of the document you’re hovering over. You can Preview and document anywhere from Document Library where they are stored in to the Search Results.

Co-authoring documents or Handling Simultaneous Editing –  Document co-authoring, which is a subset of document collaboration, means working on a document simultaneously with one or more other users. It essentially means Users can lock the files by section as soon as a user begins typing, ensuring no changes are occurring to the same section, but allowing editing on other portions of the document. Once the document is locked, users connected  to the file are notified and the changes are published as soon as the file is saved and the lock is released and the contributor’s document is updated with others’ changes. If the user does not save, the changes are discarded and never shared.

Co-authoring is not compatible with the process of checking out and checking in documents in a library.

4.Continuous Crawl –

A new Crawl Option “Continuous crawls” has been Introduced in Search’s Crawl Schedule category. Continuous crawls help to keep the search index and search results as fresh as possible.Continuous crawls run every 15 minutes by default although you can configure crawl schedules for SharePoint content sources so that crawls are performed continuously.Setting this option eliminates the need to schedule incremental crawls and automatically starts crawls as necessary to keep the search index fresh. Administrators should still configure full crawls as necessary.

Other Components that provide a Real-Time Collaboration are –

  • Recently added
  • Community sites
  • Relevant Documents
  • Site feed
  • Discussion List
  • Blog Notification
  • Document Sets (co-authoring)
  • Tag Cloud

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