How to work with Documents Offline in SharePoint 2013

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Summary : How to work with Documents Offline in SharePoint 2013 (SYNC),Use SYNC to add folders and documents in SharePoint document library.

With SharePoint 2013 MS has made working with Offline documents much easier than in earlier Versions.Before SharePoint 2013 Users had an ability to use SharePoint Workspace for working with Offline documents but with this new Version SharePoint Workspace is no longer supported. A new button SYNC has been Introduced which makes working with documents much easier. Before we start I want to let you know that SYNC is Supported with Office 2013 only.

You can make any Document Library SYNC to your Local Including the SkyDrive PRO Library. Once the Library is SYNCed users can Open, Edit and Add Files and Folders to the SYNCed Library Folder that gets created on your Local. These additions can be Synced back to the Library either Everytime when you connect to SharePoint or On-Demand with “Sync now”. Lets look at the steps

1. Open the Document Library you want to SYNC

"SharePoint 2013 Document Library"

2. Click on the SYNC button while in the library.
"SharePoint 2013 SYNC"

3. Once you click on SYNC you see a SKY Drive Pro Popup that asks user to initiate Sync by “Sync Now” button.

4. Finally, once its done (or in progress) you would see the popup with the Synced Folder link “Show my files…”
"SharePoint 2013 Synced Files"

and here is your Synced Folder on Local.

You also get a Skydrive Pro in your task bar with which you can Stop or Pause Sync when needed.

If you want to Disable “SYNC” for your SharePoint 2013 Site you can read : How to Disable “SYNC” for SharePoint 2013 Site Collection.

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