Uninstall office15 click-to-run extensibility Component

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Summary : Uninstall office15 click-to-run extensibility Component,How to resolve Uninstall office15 click-to-run extensibility Component error.

Uninstalling Office15 click-to-run extensibility Component was a bit of a pain today. I was getting this message to “Uninstall office15 click-to-run extensibility Component” when I tried to Install SharePoint Designer 2013 or Office 2013.

I check in the Add\Remove Programs for Office15 click-to-run extensibility Component but there was nothing Installed.

After a little research and Combining various solutions I was finally able to remove it from my machine.

So here it goes –

1. UnInstall all Office 2010 and Office 2013 Preview Versions.

2. Open your register by using “Regedit” and navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\Products\ path.

Next delete the following two registry entries.



3. Navigate to C:\program files\Microsoft Office\directory.If you see the Office15 Folder here remove it.

and that should clear the Office15 click-to-run extensibility Component Bug.

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