Sharepoint 2013 Tutorial for Beginners

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Summary : SharePoint 2013 Tutorial for Beginners,SharePoint 2013 End-user Tutorial for Beginners.SharePoint 2013 Beginners guide.

This is a Beginners Tutorial for SharePoint 2013.This Tutorial will cover Introduction to this new Version of SharePoint along with references to some useful & must see articles.

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What is SharePoint 2013 –

SharePoint 2013 is the next Version of Microsoft’s famous Collaboration portal called SharePoint.This Version follows SharePoint 2010 that was released back in May 2010.SharePoint 2013 Preview was released on 16th July 2012 with some new & exciting features such as Real Time Social Feed,Shredded Storage,SharePoint Apps,Cross-site publishing and lot more..
Take a look at major Differences between SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013

Current SharePoint 2013 Versions –

SharePoint 2013 Preview( Released on 16th July 2012)

SharePoint 2013 RTM Trial Download (Released on 10th Nov 2012)

SharePoint 2013 Subscriber MSDN Download (Released on 25th Oct 2012)

Not 100% sure on the dates of Release…

Major Features of SharePoint 2013 –

SharePoint 2013 has a lot of New and Improved Features to look for.Here is the list of some.

1. New Minimal UI
2. SharePoint and Office Apps model.
3. Social and Collaboration Features (Interactive feed,Community Site,Follow People,Follow Sites ..)
4. Improved Search
5. Cross-Site Publishing (Improved ECM)
6. Shredded Storage
7. Out-of-Box PDF support
8. Minimal Download Strategy (Improve Performance)
9. Dual SharePoint 2013 License
and more…

In addition to SharePoint 2013, SharePoint Designer 2013 also got some cool new features.Check SharePoint Designer 2013 Changes, New Features, Enhancements.. that would make this new Version of SharePoint more Interactive.

SharePoint 2013 for End Users  –

For End Users Microsoft has Introduced features like Open a document as a PDF,Share & Follow documents,Support for Cut and paste from word, Focus on Content button and much more.For Complete End user Tutorials see SharePoint 2013 End User Samples

SharePoint 2013 for Developers –

Apart from the new App Model Introduced in SharePoint 2013, Microsoft has added a lot of new Namespaces and Classes to work with Social and other new Features added to SharePoint 2013.In addition to the classes few templates in Visual Studio 2012 has also been upgraded to Create better solutions.See the Complete Developer Samples at SharePoint 2013 Developer Samples

SharePoint 2013 for Administrators –

For Farm Administrators Powershell Commands like SPSite has been enhanced to perform better Site Collection Operations.Apart from new cmdlets a New feature Shredded Storage is making a lot of buzz as it Improves Storage Space and Performance for Retrieving the Content.

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