How to add Video in Blog Post in SharePoint 2013

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Summary : How to add Video in Blog Post in SharePoint 2013,Embed Video in Blog Post body in SharePoint 2013.

SharePoint provides a great Blog Template for Posting News and other Important Company Information.Blogs are widely used and business loves them.Since blogs are mainly used for Creating Posts there are usually many requests for Improving Post’s Body or description field.A lot of Client’s would love to add Video’s and documents in the description filed of a Post to make it attractive and more readable.It was difficult to add stuff like Videos & PDFs in the earlier versions of SharePoint but in SharePoint 2013 MS has Introduced a new Video Content Type that supports adding Videos on SharePoint Pages,Content Webparts and even Content Field Types like Post body.

Lets look at the Step-by-Step process of adding a Video in a Blog Post –test

1. Firstly, Get the Video Code – You can either use the Code for a Video from YouTube or you can use the Embed Code of a Video that you Uploaded in SharePoint (in Asserts Library).If you are adding a Youtube Video you need to add the “” Domain in “HTML Field Security” first.See the Post How to add a Youtube video in Sharepoint 2013 for reference.

2. Once you have the code you can paste it into the Post body.Open the blog post where you want to to add the Video and in the Insert tab select “Embed”

Video in Blog Post SharePoint 2013"


3. Paste the Code in the Embed window and click ok.

"SharePoint 2013 Script Code"

You can also use other options like From Computer, From SharePoint and From Address to upload Videos.

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