How to Move Documents into a Folder in SharePoint 2013

Summary : How to Move Documents into a Folder in SharePoint 2013, Drag and Drop Documents from document Library into a Folder in SharePoint 2013,How to Drag and Drop Files in a Folder.

Moving Multiple documents into a Folder or a Subfolder has been a challenge in old SharePoint Versions. With the Introduction of new  Drag and Drop feature Dragging and dropping Files from one location is now much easier. Drag and Drop has opened a lot of new exciting options for Content authors. You can Multiple Upload documents, Drag and drop Files from one library to another and Move documents  into a Subfolder in a Library.

In this post we will only demonstrate how to move multiple documents saved in a Library to one of the SubFolders that exists in the same Library.

1. Moving Files with Drag and Drop - With Drag and Drop feature users simply select the documents and drag them onto the folder where you want to move.To begin with Create a Folder in you document library.

"Create Folder SharePoint 2013"

2.  Next Select the documents in the Library and Drag them onto the newly added Folder.

While dragging, hold off from the link (Test Doc 2) and then drag on the Folder. Notice the “Move”  icon.

Move Documents SharePoint 2013

Result of Moved Documents

"SharePoint 2013 Moved Documents"

Also Note – With Drag and Drop users cannot Move Folders,Document Sets and Items.

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