The New “Reindex List” and “Reindex document library” option in SharePoint 2013

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Summary : The New “Reindex List” and “Reindex document library” option in SharePoint 2013,”Reindex List” and “Reindex document library” in SharePoint 2013.

If you have not noticed yet a new option was added to Advanced setting of each List and Library to force the Content of list and library to be re-indexed.

In clear words the “Reindex” option marks the whole list or library to be picked up by a Continuous crawl, regardless of whether the items have actually changed.

How to Reindex a List or Library –

1. Navigate to the List or Library which you need to mark to be re-Indexed. Click on Site Settings -> Advanced Settings

"SharePoint 2013 Advanced Settings"

2. Next scroll down and find the “Reindex Document Library” or “Reindex List” button.

"SharePoint 2013 Reindex Library"

"SharePoint 2013 Reindex List"

3. Once you click on the button a Confirmation window appears.

"SharePoint 2013 Confirmation Index"

You need to select “Reindex Document Library” to Initiate the re-index process.

Where is this Useful – This is highly useful if you have configured a new Managed Property and added it as a Site Column to your List or Library.

If you have not set Continuous Crawls the List\Library will be Re-Indexed when the Full crawl kicks in.

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