SharePoint Designer 2013 – The new “App Step”

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We earlier published a post on various new SharePoint Designer 2013 Changes & Features.. introduced by Microsoft. One of the new features however that we skipped was the new “App Step”

By first look App Step looks just like a normal Step which behaves like a Container for workflow actions but it actually provides a very powerful functionality. As you might know that each workflow unless specified runs under the permission of Workflow initiator and (logical AND) that of Workflow itself.In case one of the lists or libraries that is restricted for the workflow initiator is used being by the workflow, the user might see access denied or the workflow might stop. App Steps solves this problem by letting all the actions in it run under Workflow App permission which is Read/Write to all site lists.

In simple words “App Step” provides all the workflow actions added to it, with Read from and Write to Permissions to all the Items in the Site.

App Step is not available by default you need to activate a feature in your Site to get this displayed for that site in SharePoint Designer.

Navigate to Site settings->Manage site features and Activate the Workflows can use app permissions site feature.

"SharePoint designer 2013 App Step"

Once it is activated you can Open the site in Workflow designer and find the App Step

"APP STEP SharePoint 2013"


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