Change “Site URL” property in Visual Studio 2012 for Deploying SharePoint projects

Summary : Change Site URL property in Visual Studio 2012 for SharePoint projects,Change “Site URL” property in Visual Studio 2012 for Deploying SharePoint projects.

Today we offer a quick tip about Changing the “Site URL” property of a SharePoint Solution Project Created in Visual Studio 2012. “Site Url” property is used to specify the SharePoint site where the User intend to deploy you his SharePoint project. Typically when you Create an SharePoint Project you specify the Site Url property in SharePoint Customization Wizard but in case you specified the wrong URL or want to change it some other site you can do that by Changing “Site URL” property of the Project.

Site Url is one of the properties of the Project so the first guess would be to look under project “Properties”.So if you right click on the Project and Click on “Properties” towards the end, you will find yourself in Properties Page with a bunch of project properties but no option for Site URL in any of the tabs.For some reasons the property “Site URL” for was not included here.It was instead included in Properties Window for the project.

Properties Page and Properties Window are two separate blocks that displays project properties in the new Visual Studio. So now lets open Properties Window to Change our “Site URl” property.

Click on the project in Solution explorer and then click on “View” tab in Visual Studio and Open “Properties Window” towards bottom (See below).
"SharePoint 2013 Property Window"

Finally, Change the Site Url property in the property window.
"SharePoint 2013 VS 2012 Site URL"


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