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SharePoint 2013 has Introduced a lot of new features for End Users and Content Authors.

For End Users Microsoft has Introduced features like Open a document as a PDF,Share & Follow documents,Support for Cut and paste from word, Focus on Content button and much more.For Complete End user Tutorials see SharePoint 2013 How To’s

For Content Authors features like Embedding a Video into a Blog post,Moving multiple documents from Library to another ,Image renditions,adding HTML Master page using Design Manager and more were Introduced.

Since SharePoint is a Content Management system End Users and Content Authors are mostly interested with whats new with the Content.One of the Biggest and the most popular feature that is introduced for this audience is the Drag and Drop feature.

1. Drag and Drop – Microsoft has done an incredible job by adding this feature to its highly popular document libraries.On any document library you can simply Drag and Drop the document and it will be upload with a quick progress bar. Here is how this feature works

Simply select a document from local and drag it towards the document library. The window will change to “Drag here”

Once you’re done dragging you would see the upload progress bar as in the below screen –

Once done acknowledgement is displayed as below

To know more about the Drag & Drop feature, Take a look at How to Upload Multiple documents With Drag & Drop in SharePoint 2013 post.

Another great feature that would Interest all Content Authors and End Users is the new Content Search Web Part.

Content Search Web Part (CSWP) – Another big feature that will fully Impress you is the new Content Search Web Part.Search went through Incredible Changes in SharePoint 2013 and this webparts helps users to get data from the new advanced Search Index. Content Search Web Part responds to a Search text and displays results according to the pre-selected SharePoint 2013 Search Verticals and Search Result Pages. This webpart is very Powerful and replaces most of Web analytic capabilities available in SharePoint 2010. So if you need to search only PDFs or need to see the most popular documents in a week or simply pull up documents from only one Library you can all do that with this one WebPart.See its capabilities and how it is different from Content Query Web Part @ SharePoint 2013 – Content Search Web Part (CSWP) VS Content Query Web Part (CQWP)

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    Kudos, was looking for how to information for sharepoint 2013, cheers!

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    People have become accustomed to the drag and drop feature on other popular website tools. It makes sense that it was finally integrated into SharePoint for a better user experience.