Add SharePoint 2013 Folder to Outlook with Connect to Client

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Add SharePoint 2013 Folder and Document Library to Outlook with Connect to Client & Connect to Outlook

In SharePoint 2013, there are various Options to Work with Documents Offline.We earlier discussed SYNC Option to work with Documents Offline where users can make any Document Library SYNC to their Local and Open, Edit and Add Files and Folders to the SYNCed Library that can be Synced back to the Library either Every time when you connect to SharePoint or On-Demand with “Sync now” button.
In this post however, we will discussing a different Option to help users work with Documents Offline.This “Connect to Client” Option allows a Folder or a Document Library (along with its Content) to be added in Users Outlook mailbox from where they can work and access the documents Offline.

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To use this Option simply select the Option “Connect to Client” in Folder properties and launch the Outlook. See the screen below –
SharePoint 2013 Folder Connect to Client

Once done you can check the Outlook for the Folder (on left) in your Outlook mailbox.The documents in the Outlook will be in Offline mode and you can edit and save them in your local.

SharePoint 2013 Shared Folder

You might have to trust the library to be added to the Outlook.

SYNC Option to work with Documents Offline

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