Hide,Remove,Customize CallOut Actions in SharePoint 2013

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Hide,Add,Remove and Customize Existing CallOut Actions in SharePoint 2013

We have written several articles on CallOuts and if you are just getting started take a look at this very useful Tutorial and Examples on CallOuts in SharePoint 2013.

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Continuing with these examples in this post, we will look at how to Hide\Remove or Customize CallOut Actions (or the entire CallOut Footer) in existing CallOuts.This example uses a Script that you can add to your page where a Document Library ListView WebPart. After you add the script the Resulting CallOut will look like below –

Edit CallOut Actions in SharePoitn 2013

To begin Customizing Download the Script and add it in your Content Editor or Script Editor WebPart on a Page.

In this Script –

1. We hide Out-of-Box Custom Action “OPEN”, “SHARE” for a Document Library CallOut.
2. We edit CallOut’s Footer to add a link to “Edit Properties” page of the document along with a default link to ECB menu.

To fully Customize a CallOut Footer you need to Override it Completely and re-create existing and new CallOut Actions.As in the above script, we Created a Custom Footer Template where we added a link to default ECB menu or call-up menu (“…”) along with a “Edit properties” link (rendered in call-up menu span) that will take you to Editform of the Document to help editing Documnet properties easily.

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